Why Verticalls ?

With Verticalls, you jump directly to video calls with new partners. Our one to one events are made to simplify your prospecting and your sourcing.

Verticalls allows you to make business differently.

With the digitalization of B2B business, the partner search occurs more than ever online. Therefore, it is sometimes hard to focus on the core business or to choose the right tools.

Our idea ? Optimize and facilitate B2B connections pour everyone. Our solution : one to one video calls, with a simple and efficient matchmaking system.

Optimize your partner search

Meet many potential partners in a minimum time. The video calls are short and targeted so that you optimize your time when attending a Verticalls event. The video teaser allows you to enhance the quality of these meetings : you choose to start a video call if the video teaser of your partner suits you.

Humanize your meetings

Supplier search and prospection often rhymes with online search. It involves a lot of external requests, by email or on social networks. With Verticalls, you meet your partners instantly by video and start a high-quality exchange. As a result, you can build a trusting relationship from the start.

Reduce your carbon footprint

We all need to meet our partners. Depending on the sales cycle, these meetings can be numerous and not always productive. Push digitalization towards ecology and reduce the carbon footprint of your first meeting. No need to travel for a first real contact : you save time for you and for the planet.



You just need to connect to Verticalls to meet new qualified partners. The other advantages of Verticalls : your contacts are saved, as well as the notes taken directly in the app during the video call.


The video connexion is secure and you exchange contact information only after 3 minutes of video meeting with a new partner.


Suppliers and buyers are ready to exchange on one to one video meetings. Verticalls offers an environnement that fosters quality and personalized linking.


As a supplier, you can choose to buy a pass or to subscribe. In a team, each member can choose a different subscription plan.

Verticalls for my company ?

Verticalls is a complementary acquisition channel for your sales team. It’s also an innovative way to source for new suppliers. You can use it punctually or by subscribing to the events.

This is a flexible tool which adapts your current goals. Depending of the events, you can either propose your offer, or prospect the market looking for new suppliers.

Verticalls is neither a networking platform, nor a prospecting software. Verticalls makes it possible to make remote business different and simple.