New leads by video call

Verticalls takes care of your prospecting : Meet new qualified leads in video and concentrate on selling.

Save time and money

Meet the maximum amount of interested leads in minimum time. Each Verticalls event gathers interested participants around an industry or a function. The goal is to have as many video calls as possible, on both sides (for decision makers and for suppliers).

Have one to one discovery meetings

Verticalls offers you one to one video calls only. You can thus concentrate on your job : selling. You’re about to enter a new kind of virtual speedmeeting ! You have up to 20 minutes to discover your future client : the duration of the meeting depends on you mutual interest.

Enter qualified events

During Verticalls events, your prospects are qualified. There are looking for pragmatic meetings revolving around their challenges. It’s the opportunity for you to concentrate on the key elements of the discovery phase and to give them accurate and precise information, so that you awake their curiosity.


Keep the contacts

Your Verticalls contacts are saved in your personnal space. After each event, find the contact information of all the prospects you have exchanged in video with. Access also the notes you’ve taken directly in Verticalls during the video calls. Finally, you can export your contacts.

Prospect with your video teaser

Your video teaser is your new prospection weapon : it’s your business card in the Verticalls events. You record it so that you can set the tone and present briefly your offer. Your teaser is broadcasted to your prospects during the event. With this video teaser, you can start a commercial relation which is human et personalized before even starting a video call. Don’t hesitate to be creative : you have up to 30 seconds to convince your prospect to start a video call with you !

Contact your prospects directly

Verticalls also provides you with the profiles and video teasers of your prospects. You can this way understand their needs and adapt your sales pitch. You are ready ? Then dial the video call and wait for the answer of your future client !

Ready to start ?