Verticalls simplifies your business

Verticalls allows you to enter qualified one-to-one video calls. No need to search for partners online, and no need to use an additional videoconference software or to schedule a meeting. Enter your qualified video call now.

How does it work?

Sign Up for Verticalls

Registration is quick and free: enter your position and your company. You can already add a photo and a video teaser to get ready to participate in the meetings of your industry.

You can participate either to source new suppliers or to propose your products and services. You can choose a different goal for each Verticalls event.

App mockup event screen
app mockup record screen

Record your video teaser

It’s time to prepare for the next Verticalls event by recording your video teaser. This video presents clearly your goal for a particular event. Your video is suggested to the most qualified participants during the event.

Enter the event

When entering the event, qualified profiles are suggested immediately. Watch their video teaser : if one works for you, start a video call right away. You can share your screen if you want to. You can also access the timeline anytime during the event. In this timeline, you will see who’s watching your video teaser and who wants to have a video call with you.

App mockup event meeting screen
App mockup contact screen

Export your contacts

Your contacts are saved and organized by event. You can access them anytime in your personal space with your meeting notes. You can export your contacts in your CRM.

How does Verticalls provide me with qualified profiles?

Verticalls suggests qualified profiles, depending on the information you submitted.
You can refine the matchmaking by choosing specific interests for each event.
Finally, you can present your goal freely in your video teaser : it’s the best way to find the partners you are looking for !

Get started with Verticalls and discover a new way of doing business.

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