Optimize your sourcing

Meet future suppliers in video now on Verticalls. Choose your suppliers according to their video teasers.

Enter qualified sourcing events

During Verticalls events, you meet suppliers related to your function role or to your industry. We build targeted events around your business. Whether your needs are related to your industry or to your support functions, our events are made to make the life of the decision makers easier.

Exchange during one to one meetings

Our starting point is that virtual events are sometimes frustrating for decision makers, because they can’t exchange with suppliers the way they would like to. Indeed, when your need is well defined, you need personalized answers. In a Verticalls event, 100% of your time is dedicated to one to one video meetings.

Record your video teaser to facilitate the matchmaking

Your video teaser allows you to clearly communicate your need, and thus filter the suppliers who can’t fulfill it. The video teasers of the suppliers are also presented to you : you choose to start a video call only if you’re satisfied with the teasers. The video teaser not only improves the matchmaking, it offers also a unique experience : you meet partners in a new way and without wasting time.


Control the meetings

You discover the suggested profiles at your own pace. You have access to their video teasers and to their ratings. The suppliers can also ask you for a video meeting : you choose to accept or not their request. Finally : there’s no predefined timeframe for a meeting and you can end a meeting anytime to start a new one.

Save time

Verticalls optimize your time to the maximum, like you would when attending a speedmeeting. But here no time restriction : if a supplier suits you, you can exchange up to 20 minutes. If your need is well defined, you can thus compare many different suppliers, avoiding many qualification meetings.

It’s free

Verticalls is free for the decision makers. Enjoy a platform that helps you scan your market in a simple way. Discover new suppliers like never before, by exchanging directly with them in true transparency.

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